The Reading Radio Club
ARRL Affiliated since Feb 17th 1922
The Reading Radio Club is an organization of amateur radio operators, for the purpose of furthering the interest in amateur radio, promoting a fraternal spirit among amateurs and all person's interested in radio communications, assisting each other wherever possible, and helping potential amateurs in securing their operating licenses.
The Reading Radio Club was founded on March 10, 1921. At this time, there were about 35 wireless experimenters and about an equal number of newly licensed radio amateurs in the Reading area. Informal meetings were held at the old Reading Company YMCA building located at 8th and Green Streets, Reading, Pa., from 1921 until about 1924. 
The Reading Radio Club became affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) on February 17, 1922 and again in March of 1941. 
In December, 1956, the Reading Radio Club became incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania. By-Laws were drawn up and adopted so as to define 20 articles such as: Membership, Dues, Meetings, Duties of Officers, Duties of Board of Directors, Nominations, Elections and Terms of Office. The Off icers consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each Officer serves a one year term. The Board of Directors consist of nine members from which the officers are elected. Each Director serves a three year term. 
In 1949, the Federal Communications Commission assigned the call letters W3PFT to the Reading Radio Club. This call sign was used until 1964, when the club requested from the FCC the call sign W3CCH as a memorial to Stanton L. Bast, W3CCH, Secy. of the Reading Radio Club, who passed away in September 1957. 
In 1965, The Reading Radio Club requested the present day call sign, W3BN, from the FCC as a memorial to James Marx, W3BN, president and benefactor of the Reading Radio Club, who passed away in July, 1965.