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Silver #4 - KO4SB
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Silver #8 - W8ZST
Silver #9 - KG5CIK
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VEFF Awards

VEFF - Canada Flora & Fauna currently issues the following awards:

  • Bronze Award: work from 10 different reference areas.
  • Silver Award: work from 20 different reference areas.
  • Gold Award: work from 30 different reference areas.
  • Platinum Award: work from 40 different reference areas.
  • Diamond Award: work from 50 different reference areas.
  • Sapphire Award: work from 75 different reference areas.
  • Honour Roll: work from 100 different reference areas.
Hunters and SWLs
  • Bronze Award: work 10 different reference areas or SWL reports.
  • Silver Award: work 20 different reference areas or SWL reports.
  • Gold Award: work 30 different reference areas or SWL reports.
  • Platinum Award: work 40 different reference areas or SWL reports.
  • Diamond Award: work 50 different reference areas or SWL reports.
  • Sapphire Award: work 75 different reference areas or SWL reports.
  • Honour Roll: work 100 different reference areas or SWL reports.
All awards are sized for A4 paper, landscape format. 8.3" ◊ 11.7" or 297 x 210mm.
Awards will be emailed, free of charge, in .JPG file format.

Other VEFF awards will be made available in the near future to compliment the current award
series. Stay tuned for further details ....

All modes are encouraged for VEFF awards.
Certificates can be endorsed for Mixed Mode, CW only, SSB only, RTTY only or your favourite
digital mode (eg. FT8, PSK31, other). If you require a mode endorsement, let me know when
you apply for your award.
What counts for VEFF ?
  • Canadian National Parks
  • National Protected Areas
    • National Marine Areas
    • National Wildlife Areas (NWA)
    • RAMSAR sites
    • UNESCO Biosphere Reserves
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Federal Heritage
    • Historic Sites and Monuments
  • Canadian Provincial Parks
  • Provincial Protected Areas
    • Conservation Areas
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Historic Sites and Monuments
    • Migratory Bird Sanctuaries
    • Municipal Parks
    • Natural Environments
    • Nature Reserves
    • Protected Native Lands
    • Protected Waterways
    • RAMSAR sites
    • Regional Parks
    • Urban Parks and Greenbelt Sites
    • Wilderness Parks and Areas
For the activator award it is important that your log has been submitted through the VEFF
National co-ordinator. Each reference counts only once. It is not necessary to be the first
OM/YL to activate a reference for it to count towards you activator award.

The Claimant does not have to produce QSL Cards to claim the Award but all the contacts
must be shown in WWFF Logsearch.

Currently the above mentioned awards are under discussion and may change in the near future.

VEFF Expansion and Award Clarification

Tuesday 21 June 2016
Posted by Andrew Banks in Divisions

 The World Wide Flora and Fauna program in Canada (VEFF) is pleased to make the following
announcements relating to:
- The addition of the Ontario Provincial Parks
- The adoption of Sable Island (CYFF-0001) and St Paul Island (CYFF-0002)
- The treatment of the Canadian Provinces for the DXCC-A Award

Ontario Provincial Parks:
 The VEFF Program is pleased to announce a major expansion, with the inclusion of 315
provincial parks within the province of Ontario (VE3). These are numbered VEFF-130 to
VEFF-444 inclusive.

Sable Island and St Paul Island:
 The two regions have previously been allocated references CYFF-0001 and CYFF-0002
 They have now been adopted by the VEFF program, and reassigned as follows:
   VEFF-0120 = Sable Island
   VEFF-0122 = St. Paul Island
 Neither reference has been submitted to Logsearch, but should a retrospective log be
submitted, the new reference will be used.
 The "missing" reference VEFF-0121 has been assigned to NŠŠts'ihch'oh National Park

Canadian Provinces:
 After discussions within the WWFF team, it has been agreed to treat the Canadian
Provinces in a similar manner to the Australian States, for the purposes of WWFF:
- For the DXCC Activator award (DXCC-A) each province shall be treated as a
separate counter.
- For the DXCC Hunter award (DXCC-H) Canada as a whole shall be treated as a
single counter; the two separate territories (CY0 and CY9) are separate DXCCs
so are separate counters.

Addition of New References:
 After discussions within the WWFF team, it has been agreed to add an additional
500 new references per calendar year to the VEFF list.

Activator Bronze Activator Silver
Activator Gold Activator Platinum
Activator Diamond Activator Sapphire
Activator Honor Roll
Hunter Bronze Hunter Silver
Hunter Gold Hunter Platinum
Hunter Diamond Hunter Sapphire
Hunter Honor Roll
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