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wwff website
All activators are encouraged to announce upcoming activations in the WWFF Agenda section
of the Official WWFF website.

WWFF Directory -
Latest version of the WWFF Directory is always available in .PDF or in interactive online version.

WWFF Logo  various sizes, transparent backgrounds.

WWFFwatch -
the WWFF DX cluster (has smartphone view button!) Courtesy GMA.

FLE WWFF Logging Software For Activators -
Fast Log Entry (FLE) is a text editor to enter QSO data as easy and fast as possible without
redundancy. FLE consists of two main panels - a text editor with customizable context-sensitive
highlighting and a QSO data grid. The grid shows the completed QSO records, they can be
saved as ADIF file (ADIF = Amateur Data Interchange Format). The exported ADIF file is custom
ready to upload to LogSearch. FLE runs on every computer and under all Windows versions.
Download your version here: FLE WWFF-logger
Be sure to read the DOCUMENTATION FILE (and the WWFF section) before starting !
FLE is freeware made by DF3CB Bernd. He's also the author of the excellent BV Label software
for printing your QSL labels !

KFF to U.S. County List
POTA to WWFF/KFF Conversion Table (U.S.A. Only)  Sorted by POTA number - TNX KA2LHO
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