Radioclub “Pulsar”

Latest update 20 August 2006

NEW: Address of PULSAR's award manager

YL club station RZ9MYL (team-2001)


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How are you? We hope you are reading this INFO in a good health and in a good mood.

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First of all our cordial gratitude to DF3DP - RZ9MYL award manager, DJ1KM, DL7VAJ, HB9XV, HB9FAM, DL3NDU, DL4NCY, DJ3OI, DF8PG, DK5BA, DD0XB, DJ2BF, DJ5FK, DK4OT, DJ1SS, DJ5AV, DL1SEC, DK5JD, DK6SG, DF5EB, DK2JW, DJ2JN, DH1PAY, DH6ARM, DL1ST, DL1SX, DJ9SZ, DJ6GZ, DL3JEN, DL6HRA, DL8RH, DL9KBB, PA3FZD, DJ8KC, DJ8OT, DL6JD, EA3NA, G3GIQ, G3PFS, G4OLF, HB9CNY, IZ3AYT, JA1EUT, LX1DW, ON4ADQ, ON4BEV, W0BIU, W0RHT, W0RRL, K5AB, K9WK, KD6GC, M0AKF, M5XYZ, 2E0XYZ, OH5LAP, OM1LY, W8FI, HB9KC, JG5UNQ, JR9FNY, N3FX, ICOM-company and especially Bjoern DK1EAW for their invaluable help!

Our special gratitude to Reinhard Richter, DJ1KM for the invaluable help in modifications of the pages.

  1. RZ9MYL - the most active YL-clubstation in the world  .

  1. Our equipment  and antennas

  2. About nick-names 

  3. Timetable 

  4. Our achievements and plans 

  5. How to join us 

  6. CSC award program &samples

  7. CSC members' lists 

  8. Application for YL-op award 

  9. A RZ9MYL QSL . More in Russian

  1. Some words from the leader 

  2. Annual letter-2000 

  3. Annual letter-2001

  4. Some of our hosts

  5. Some of our guests

  6. Guestbook 

  7. Most active operators of RZ9MYL

  8. "Miss RZ9MYL-photo" competition.