9. Application for YL-op award

By the way now you may apply for our  "YL-OP" (Young Lady Operator) award
( Class III - 2; cl.II - 5; cl.I - 10 QSO with different YL- names from RZ9 or UZ9 MYL.

Diploma of different classes have the other colour and size.)

via Internet.

You should have awards of lower classes
in order to get the higher class award or apply for diploma of all three classes together.

As soon as you have at least two QSOs with
different YL-operators of RZ9MYL
you may send your application as an extract from your LOG:

For YL-OP award , class III, band___    Mode______
Call__ ??????? Name__ ??????????
Applicant's Postal address __???????_
##  date    UTC    Callsign    RS(T)    OP's name
1.    ?         ?       RZ9MYL   ?             ?

2.    ?         ?       RZ9MYL   ?             ?

Pse type in all data instead "?" and e-mail this text to
[email protected] and copy to [email protected]
There is no need to verify this list as we can check all QSO's by our LOG.

As for transfering of diplom's fee - 7 US$ for an award of each class
or 15 US$ if you apply for all 3 classes together,-

The simpliest and the cheapest way to send a diplom fee is to enclose necessary amount "green stamps" and send by registered POST LETTER to the address of our award manager:

Dipl.-Ing. Ernst H. Hoffmann, DF3DP,  VDI* VDEh ,
Zum Verlaat 30
D-26871 Papenburg
For tel and fax (+49 (0) 49 61) 98 54 86

When we'll have a confirmation from DF3DP about receiving the diploma fee
we'll send you by post not only diplom(a) with a sticker "RZ9MYL",
but also a coloured photograph of almost all our YLs with their
names in order let you know who is who on the picture.

Please tell about this award program and YL-CSC membership to all members of your club. We would be very glad to receive your applications for our awards if it's interesting for you.

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