7. CLUB STATIONS' CLUB (CSC) award program

Registered in DIG



1. " C S C A " ( Club Stations' Club Award ). 

Work with CSC members after 1 jan 1989. Look Additions #2, #3. 

Class 3 - 3 QSO; cl.2 - 10; cl.1 - 20 QSO with CSC-members.  Sample is here.

2. " Y T G A " (Youth Tutor-Guide Award). 

Work with any individual CSC members. Look addition #3  Sample is here.
Class 3 - 2 QSO; cl.2 - 7 QSO; cl.1 - 15 QSO with any individual CSC members. 

3. " W C S " (Worked Club Stations). 

Work with any club station from different countries.  Sample is here.
Class 3 - 25, cl.2 - 50, cl.3 - 100 countries 

4. "YL-OP" (Young Lady Operator). 

Work with: 

a)any YL-operator. Also valid QSO (SWL) with different operators of the same club station.  Sample is here.
Class 3 - 5 QSO; cl.2 - 15, cl.1 - 40 QSO with YL-operators. 

b)different YL-operators of UZ9MYL (untill 1.01.94) or RZ9MYL. 
Class III - 2; cl.II - 5; cl.I - 10 QSO with different YL- names from RZ9 or UZ9 MYL. 
In this case, you'll receive not only diploma with a sticker "RZ9MYL", 
but also a big coloured photograph of almost all of our YLs

5. " S A " (Schoolchildren Award). 

Work with 14 any club station of ex-USSR. You have to collect a word SCHOOLCHILDREN from the only letter in each callsign. For example: rz9mwS, uC1oya, rb4Hzw, uO4owa,uz3dxO,uz9myL,ux4Cwg,rk3dzH, rk4hwI, rz9myL, uz3dzD, Rk9owr, rk6hxE, ul8vxN.  Sample is here.
Class III - any bands; cl.II - only 20 m band; cl.I - only 40 m band. 

6. " Y T A " (Young Tecnician Award). 

Work with any clubstation from ex-USSR. 
Class III-15 stn (from 10 obl);cl.II-30 (20),cl.I - 60 (40). 
Sample is here.

7B. "First steps

For any QSO(SWL).I step-100, II-300, III-1000 QSO(SWL) . Sample is here.

8B. "My Motherland is large" 

For QSO (SWL) with different Russian oblasts.  Sample is here.
III class - 25 Russian oblasts; II - 50; I - 75 

9B. "The Earth is our common house" 

 For QSO (SWL) with any Russian amateurs.  Sample is here.
III class : 50 QSO (SWL); II - 150; I - 500 QSO (SWL) with any Russian amateurs. 

10B. "The Whole World is on your palm" 

 For QSO (SWL) with different countries.  Sample is here.
III class : 50 countries; II - 100; I - 150 QSO (SWL) with different countries 

11B. " CW signals are singing" 

For any CW QSO(SWL).  Sample is here.
III cl.- 50 QSO (SWL); II - 150; I - 500 CW QSO(SWL). 

All QSOs (SWL) must be made after 01 May 1984 (for CSCA and YTGA after 01.01.1989) any mode - CW, SSB, mixed.
Endorsements are for every band and any mode. QSOs with the same stations on different bands are acceptable
for all awards except WCS and CSCA. Callsign of club station in ex-USSR has W, X, Y, Z in the second
position of its suffix. You should have awards of lower classes in order to get the 1st class award. GCR list (NO QSL), certified by two HAMs (If you send applications via e-mail, just show their name & callsign) with 7 USD for each award should be sent to:

Dipl.-Ing. Ernst H. Hoffmann, DF3DP,  VDI* VDEh ,
Zum Verlaat 30
D-26871 Papenburg

For tel and fax (+49 (0) 49 61) 98 54 86

Please, do not write data of QSO (SWL) in applications for B-awards of I and II cl. - only list of callsigns. Awards of  I, II and III cl. differ by colour (or) and size.

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