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My Moonbunce experiments

In year 1996 is I started EME experiments on 144 MHz.My home QTH - Lucenec JN98UI - unfortunately is not suitable for Moonbunce operation - sometime I am QRV on my portable QTH Filakovo JN98VG. Since 1998 is I stared also expeiments on 432 MHz - for first rx test is I using ants 4x21 ele F9FT

Now is I experimented on 432 MHz

QTH Filakovo JN98VG

My ants is 4x21 ele F9FT

For first experiments I using trasnceivers YAESU FT 225RD and FT290R,preamplifier with CF 300 and MGF 1302,AF filter 300Hz,linear power amplifier 350 W out,homebrew PA with 3xGU70B (YU1AW design) and PA with RE025XA.My first 2m EME ants is 2x13 ele F9FT,later is ant 4x16 ele F9FT,and 15 m cable RG213. )

MS/EME expedion OM9M

DL7KM beam and 2x17 ele F9FT

for 144 MHz


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