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For satellites I am using antennas 2x5 ele. crossed Quagi (2m),2x15 ele. cross-Yagi
(70cm) and linear polarization 13 ele. Yagi (2m).For LEO satellites I using small
antennas: 9 ele. Yagi (for 70cm) and 4 ele. Yagi (for 2m).

My other satellite ants

for 2m: 5 ele. Yagi

for 13cm: 1m dish with helix feed

for 70cm: 11 ele. Yagi


My other satellite equipments for S band



Slovakian stations via satellites


OM3BC (ex OM3WBC) - op: Joe,QTH: Filakovo JN98VG
QRV via all active satellites (only analog mode)
equipments: ICOM IC910H,PA 500W/preamps., 2m: 2x BV,70cm: 2x19 ele other: qrv on 2m/70cm/23cm (tropo,Es... and 2m EME)
OM0MS - op: Stevo,QTH: Humenne KN08
QRV via all active satellites (only analog modes)
equipments: 2m: home made 50W,70cm: IC471H,PA 300W/preamps.9ele/19 ele other: HF bands and 70cm EME
[email protected]
ax.25: [email protected]#SSL.SVK.EU
OM3WAN - op:Alojz,QTH: Zilina
QRV via all active satellite and AO-40 (only analog mode)
equpments: home made 2m tcvr 30W/trnsv. 70cm 30W,ant. 4ele/9 ele
other: 2m/70cm 13 cm: DB6NT konv.+1m dish
OM1AVK - op:Vlado,QTH: Bratislava
QRV via all active satellites
eqipments: ICOM IC 821H,PA 100W/preamps,ants. 9/21 ele F9FT
other: 2m/70cm
[email protected]
ax.25: [email protected]#ZSL.SVK.EU

Other Slovakian stations via LEO satellites (RS10,RS12,RS15,UO14,AO27,SO-25,MIR,ISS,...etc.)


AMSAT web pages

Satellite pages ON1CAU


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