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Sked with OM7AQ

List of MS station



My Meteor Scatter activity

I am very active on 144 MHz via meteor scatter (MS) operation.
I also experimented on 432 MHz.

Perseids 2007

Some big burst in Perseids 2007


OM9M - MS expedition 1999

Expedition callsign is OM9M. Locator: KN18AM.More information,
and QSL card please via OM7AQ.
Equipments: Kenwood TR 751E,ICOM IC 275H,Yaesu FT 290R,ICOM IC 706
Linear amplifier 400 W out Preamplifiers with MGF 1302
Antennas 2x16 ele. F9FT and DL7KM beam (for 2m), 5 ele. Yagi and HB9CV (for 6m)

OM9M web pages

- about expediditon
- log of 50 MHz
- log of 144 MHz
- equipments of expedition
- other informations

In year 1999 also organized meteor scatter expedition to KN18AM with
OK1CDJ,OK1CPU,OM7PY and OM7JG.I working on bands 6m (over 350 c
QSO) and 2m (over 80 c MS CW/SSB QSO),also wkd via EME on 144 MHz

Julo OM7JG on 144 MHz

DL7KM beam for 144 MHz

Zoli OM7AQ on 144 MHz

Ants for 50 MHz: 5 ele Yagi and HB9CV

4 ele Yagi for 2m packet station

Leonids 1999

Very poor condx,hi! Only 19 complette QSO on 144 MHz.
Callsign: OM3KKF (2m) - QSL via OM7PY
OM9M (6m) - QSL via OM7AQ
Loc: JN98UI
Equipments: Icom IC 275 H linear PA with GS35b ant 16 ele F9FT.
On 50 MHz is wkd 57 stations via MS and T.
Tcvr ICOM IC 756,ant 5 ele Yagi
Many thanks to all stations!

MS expedition Perseids 1998

In year 1998 Julo OM7JG and Erwin OM7PY and Zoli OM7AQorganized MS expedition
to KN08AM (Kyjatice,disctric RSO) to QTH OM7ASI.

In KN08AM is using transceivers ICOM IC275H,Yaesu FT 290R and FT225RD,linear amplifier 400 W power output,preamplifier in mast with GaAs FET CF 300 and two computers with software MS-DSP 9A4GL
and Compact MS-Soft OH5IY.Transmitted on amateur band 144 MHz.

(C) 2001 Gyetvai Zoltán OM7AQ