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                   Earth-Moon-Earth Communications from Alaska

                               EME/Astronomy Antenna

                                            9.2 Meter (30 foot)

Anchorage, Alaska       (EX: AL7OB, WACJI)             Grid: BP51dc


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LIBRATION    Terrific scoop on Libration (Video takes a while to load, but well worth it)

STATUS             Latest EME activities at AL7OB, WAV files, etc. (UPDATED June 9, 2001).

DISH               The 30 foot diameter dish project 

STATION         Pictures and Station information

144EXPO         The first EME conducted from Redfield, South Dakota

EME-STAT       432 EME Standings (UPDATED 6/24/07)

TECH ITEMS    Miscellaneous Technical Items (UPDATED 10/27/01)

FAMILY           Mike, Lana, Eme, the home, etc. (UPDATED 12/23/00).

Misc           Various photos, Alaska, and family

EME-OPS         Techniques and operating procedures (compiled)

G3SEK             My favorite explanation of polarization and "one-way" EME

FOR SALE        Items for sale at KL6M

EME, SETI, ETC. Page   Lots of good information

My Company      Professional Telecom Technology


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