Various Pictures, Alaska and otherwise:

COMBAT FISHING   This is dipnet fishing in the mouth of Fish Creek across the Cook Inlet from Anchorage

EAGLEPIE     A magpie and a bald eagle compete for a fish dinner

MOOSE   Newspaper foto of a local moose that stuck his nose (antler) where he shouldn't have

GRADUATION   1974.  Dad, Mom, grandmother, me and my aunt, uncle after graduating from SDSU

MIKE AND LANA   On our deck on a beautiful summer day

MELUMS   At my niece Kristen's wedding, Mom, Lana, brother and sis-in-law Jerry and Judie

MLX  Old Christmas picture of family and corvette

SNOW MACHINE 1   Awesome snow machine shot from the mountain top

SNOW MACHINE 2   Another one

SAT QSLCARD   My card confirming satellite contact with AL7OB

EME QSLCARD   My card confirming EME contact with AL7OB