Mike and Lana Melum


Cat pictures galore (New trick shots)Feline Fotos

South Dakota / Minnesota trip (October 2000):  Trip

Thanksgiving, Indianapolis (November 21-25) TG


Christmas living room (by Lana):       (also note the halo)

xmas-lr00.JPG (75341 bytes)


Tiny cat with her eyes all aglow:

Mvc-028f.jpg (85701 bytes)


And another blury one:

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Here's our new boat.  We just got it and won't get it in the water this year.   But we plan to put projects aside and play a lot more next year.

boat1.jpg (60531 bytes)

It was a deal we couldn't pass up.

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Mike, Lana & Eme in our back yard

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1999 summer's deck project

deck.jpg (28482 bytes)

Mike, Lana, Eme, House, and Tractor

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Summer view of the front of the house:

The birdbath and some flower gardens in the back yard:


Eme taking a snooze:

emecat.jpg (8487 bytes)


The jungle cat, March 2000

eme2a.jpg (64641 bytes)


The shedmeister:


Eme's favorite spot outside:


The Year 2000 Garden Project


Another view:

And another from the top side showing the raised beds:


The 1967 Corvette that I have owned since 1977

vet1.jpg (22872 bytes)

On the beach, August 1, in Clam Gulch, Alaska:

                                Our View:

sunset1.jpg (10571 bytes)

Sunset viewed from our house.  3 volcanos visible from our

living room: 

  1. Mt. Spur 70 miles distant, (not shown)
  2. Mt. Iliamna 165 miles distant, just left of center photo
  3. Mt. Redoubt, about 90 miles, right side of photo

Its a new show every day!  The most amazing sunsets I have

ever imagined.


Sometimes its not good to fly standby in Alaska

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