This is the AL7OB HAM Radio Station, 1995.  Mike at the helm.

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A visit from OE9ERC, Erich (right), and OE9WRS, Werner (left) on July 28, 2000.


Enjoying a supper buffet with local friends, Frank, KL7FH, and Laurie on the right



The array I used to work my first EME (150 watts)

(W5UN of course).  48 el on 144 & 96 el on 432.

Used mostly for satellite.

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The array after a 100 mph gust

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This is my homebrew Preamp/Relay box for the dual

band EME array.

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This is the antenna rebuilt after the January '99 windstorm:

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This antenna was replaced in March '99 by the 16 X 12

array for 432 MHz only.


The EME equipment in 1999 consisted of the following:

    Yaesu FT-736 with 144/432/1296 MHz module
    Yaesu FT-767 with 50/144/432 MHz module
    16 Yagi antennas of the 2.2 wavelength NBS design
    Rotors - Alliance HD-73 (AZ) and U-100 (EL) (only!)
    700 Watts from a K2RIW, 2 X 4CX250 Linear Amplifier
    DownEast Microwave 70LNAK 0.4 dB NF preamp
    Selectable cascaded ARR SP432VDG. 
    Transco Y and Dowkey DK84-B-6-N-48
    Phasing lines = 16 X FSJ1-50 heliax, 30 inches each
    5 X 3/2 wavelength air dielectric power dividers
    2 X 30' 1/2 inch hardline transmission lines, RG-331
    Timewave DSP-599zx


K2RIW Amp, PS, Antenna Controller (under amp)

Demarc, 24v ps, relay control panel and Bird below

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A wider view of a messy EME station

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For those who need to,


        MIKE MELUM, KL6M

        7231 NORTHPARK DR.

        ANCHORAGE, ALASKA  99516


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