We have separated the construction of the SW-40+ kit into functional blocks. Each part is posted to the QRP-L list and then discussed online. Below are the links to the different sections archived.

Assembly sequence

Glen's technical page (awesome)

Part 1: Getting ready

Part 2: Power supply

Part 2: Questions and Answers

Part 3: VFO

Part 3: A VFO experiment

Part 3: VFO circuit analysis

Part 3: Varactor and Capacitor questions

Part 3: Questions and Answers

Part 3: VFO Quiz

Part 3: My answers to the quiz (not necessarily the correct ones, don't read till you give up ;-)

Part 4: keying circuit and transmitter mixer

Part 4: Mixer questions

Part 5: Transmit mixer Bandpass filter:

Part 5: Questions

Part 6: TX preamp and driver

Part 6: Questions

Part 6: Quiz

TX / RX switch waveforms

Part 7: Receive Mixer

Part 7: Questions

Part 8: Cohn Crystal Filter

Part 8: Questions

Part 8: Reference

Part 9: Product Detector

Part 10: First audio amp

Part 10: Questions

Part 10: Experiment

Part 11: VFO Adjustment

Part 12: Final Audio Amp

Part 12: Questions

Audio experiments

Can't peak T1?

Part 13: Final RF amplifier and filter

Part 13: Questions

Final questions and troubleshooting