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Mir uses 145.985 simplex for both packet and voice
when over the US. 145.200/145.800 elsewhere.

Safex (Mir) UHF Repeater still not active full time.
435.750 Uplink / 437.950 Downlink with CTCSS 141.3.

RS-12 is now in Mode KT
Both 10m and 2m Downlink and 15m uplink.

FO-20 and FO-29 are in Analog mode for now.

P3d Will Not Launch on Ariane 503 or any ESA flight this year!

TMSAT-1 is now TO-31 and TechSat-1B is now GO-32.
Both still undergoing tests.

Active Amateur Radio Satellites:

AO-10, AO-27,OSCAR-11, OSCAR-16, DO-17,MIR, RS-10,RS-12,RS-15,RS-16, FO-20, WO-18,IO-26,KO-23,KO-25, FO-29,TO-31,GO-32,SO-33,PO-34,SO-35

GO-32 - Uplink=145.925, 145.975 Downlink=436.923 (Primary) 436.900,436.950,436.975

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