Similar to SSTV signals this part of the hobby can still be done quite cheaply by using JVFAX (shareware program) to decode RE-TRANSMISSIONS on ground based receiving stations...

HF frequencies.

VHF frequencies.

Fresh VHF transmissions occur between 136-138 MHz in steps of 10kHz throughout the day and night sending Visible light and Infra-red light pictures of the Earth. These "live" transmissions require dedicated receivers such as "Timestep", "Spectrum", "Maplin", "Cirkit" and the older "Martelec" or "Dartcom" receivers. Instead of the long wire antenna that you use for the HF frequencies you will have to purchase a Crossed Dipole Antenna with Co-Phasing harness (about £25).

To locate and know when to expect the Satellite signals, you will need a suitable tracking program. Several software programs support this side of the hobby.

STSPLUS ... a program which displays satellites' positional Shadow/Footprint on the earths surface. Easy to use, Setup and update with new Keplers(satellite positional information).

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