432 8 Element Quagi Antenna

432 BEAM

How to build a 432 Mhz Quagi

The boom is made from wood.{Do not use any type of metal for this.} Ths boom length is 61 inches and 1/2 inch thick. Mark the boom as to where the elements are to be spaced and drill a 1/8 inch hole in the center of the boom material.After you have done all this apply a few coats of stain.This will preserve the wood from the abuse of the weather. Use #12 wire to form the quad elements. Cut the wire to the correct lenghts (see chart below). The quad elements are supported at the top and bottom of the element with a Plexiglas strip with a hole centered at both ends. The bottom of the quad being the feedpoint. Apply a little epoxy to where the wire passes through the support holes.This will secure the wire so it will not move around.
Next solder one end of the wire to the center of an type-N conector feed it through the holes in the Plexiglas and bend it into shape. Then finish the element by soldering the loop closed to the ground tab on the N connector.On the reflector just solder to two ends of the wire together.
The directors are mounted through the boom. Epoxy them as well. They can be made from any 1/8 inch metal rods. Cut them to the EXACT size (see chart below...I used stainless steel welding rods which are available at a hardware store)

NOTE: At UHF frequencies even 1/8 inch difference in length will make the antenna preform differently.

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