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In April of 1999 I acquired an FCC Ham Radio License "KB1DXC."

I have joined the Stamford Amateur Radio Association and I have been a part of building their web site: http://www.qsl.net/w1ee

As of now, the biggest thing in Amateur radio that I have done is build a fantastic transceiver. It was a kit sold by Elecraft, the K2. I have a friend(WB1GRB, John) that was nice enough to take some shots with his digital camera and I have put them on this page:


I will be participating in the Elmer101 class through the QRP-L email reflector, this page will show you what I will put together.

More info on this class is here:



I have done quite a bit of research on the web and have accumulated some very intersting links and information regarding radios, morse code, and the hobby of Ham Radio. Perhaps it will interest you as well. Therefore, I am alloting some of my web space for the subject of Ham Radio. If you are interested in also acquiring a license, or perhaps already have a license but want to learn more, please take advantage of my research. I am also interested in Low Power Radio (QRP) so I have quite a few interesting links along those lines.

I have broken my bookmarks into catagories for ease of use. I hope that you find this format pleasant to use. Unfortunately I have not had the time recently to check all of these sites to see if the are still active. Forgive me if some of the links are dead.




Receivers and Transmitters





Important findings regarding men and women

This is a copy of my bookmarks uploaded on 01/06/02


Here are a few of the pages on this web site for your convenience.

For those interested, I have posted my QRP LOG. I will try to keep it current. I have not been good at keeping this current. There just is not enough time for everything.

I also work QRO, up to 100 watts, but I am not up to the work involved with posting regular updates for that too.

If you are not already licensed but want to be, here is how to Get Started. The rules for Amatuer Radio will all be changing on April 15, 2000. The new rules will be easier for most folks. If you are interested in the new rules you should be able to find them at the http://www.arrl.org/announce/regulatory/wt98-143ro.pdf

Note: The PDF files on this site requireAcrobat Readerversion 3.0 or later.

Many HAM operators, including myself, enjoy CW, so here is a a poem about Morse Code.

In order to use HF you will need to pass a Morse Code test. The best way to learn is through practice. So, why not build a code practice oscillator like I did. Here is the code practice oscillator that I built. It is easy to build, very inexpensive, and carries a very small footprint. Schematic and directions and approximate expense.

The morse code chart Borrowed from another web site, I do not remember where.

A Morse code training program for the Macintosch computers This is and hqx file, and you need stuffit expander for this.

Here is another Macintosh training program for the code, also an hqx file

An hqx file that will help you with antennas

A gif file representing ohms law This might be useful in understanding electricity.

I will add more if I find anything of extreme importance. The bookmarks will get you most of the information that you need though.

Why don't you build an AM radio like I did? This is just for fun, but it is also functional. If you have children they would enjoy a project like this.


Here is a special web page for my pal kb3dma!!!!

(This page works with MSIE but does not work for me with Netscape Communicator, if anyone can tell me why I would love to know.)


Click for Stamford, Connecticut Forecast

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