In preparation for the [EMER101] course being offered on the QRP-L Email Reflector

I have ordered an SW-40 Plus kit from Small Wonder Labs.

While doing the inventory of parts, I taped the parts to sheets of paper and labled them by part name and value. The shiny plastic bag in the upper right corner is full of the static sensative parts, it is a special anti static bag. If you were thinking about putting together one of these kits, I highly recommend them.




I have already built 2 of these Small Wonder kits. One is an SW-20 Plus and the other is a DSW-30(more expensive, but quite a nice rig with the digital tuner. I think the DSW kit is a tiny bit easier to build also. I have both of these kits in one encloser. The beer bottle is for size reference only, I don't drink beer from green bottles, I am a bud man, ha ha. I call these my mobile rigs:



The small board between the 2 rigs below is a Freq Mite, and it is hooked up to the SW-20 rig. The DSW-30 has one built in as part of the kit.

Photographic credits to my good friend John(WB1GRB), also a member of The Stamford Amateur Radio Association.