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Ameritron Amplifier Transceiver Keying Interface ARB-704

Ameritron AL-811 Amplifier


Better RF
BetterRF YAESU Tune Control

BetterRF / AH-4 / FT-950 Modification


5 Element Yagi A505S


Diamond NR770H Mobile Antenna Manual

Diamond X200A Instruction Manual

Diamond X50A Instruction Manual


Emperor TS-5010 User Manual

Emperor TS-5010 Service Manual

Emperor TS-5010 schematic


Hustler 6-BTV Manual



Icom AH-4 User Manual

Icom AH-4 Service Manual

Icom IC-208H Instruction Manual

Icom IC-551 Instruction Manual

Icom IC-551 Maintenance Manual

Icom IC-551D Instruction Manual

Icom IC-7000 60 Meter / MARS  Mod

Icom IC-7000m Instruction Manual

Icom IC-7000 Service Manual

ICOM-IC7000-HM-151-DTMF Mod

Icom IC-718 Manual

Icom HM-151 MOD WX7Y

Icom IC-RX7 Instruction Manual

Icom IC-T7H Instruction Manual

Icom IC-T7H Service Manual

Icom IC-W2A Instruction Manual

Icom IC-W32A Instruction Manual

Icom IC-W32A Service Manual

Icom ID-800H Manual


KPC 3 + User Manual RevD

KPC 3 + User Manual RevF

KPC 3 + MX RevF

KPC 3 Port Pin out Information

KPC3+ Specsheet




Kenwood G-707A Instruction Manual

Kenwood MC-85 Instruction Manual

Kenwood MC-85 Schematic

Kenwood TH-D7A Instruction Manual

Kenwood TH-F6A and TH-F7A Instruction Manual

Kenwood TH-79 Service manual

Kenwood TM-241 Operating Manual

Kenwood TM-D700A Instruction Manual

Kenwood TM-D700A Quick Start Programming

Kenwood TM-D700AE Maintenance Manual

Kenwood TM-D700A Specialized

Kenwood TM-G707A PC programming w-PG-4S

Kenwood TM-G707A programming

Kenwood TM-G707A F4 FUSE
Kenwood TM-D710A_E_GA_GE_IDM Brochure

Kenwood TM-D710GA-TM/D710GE Manual


Kenwood TS-120S Owners Manual

Kenwood TS-120S Service Manual

Kenwood TS-440S Instruction Manual

Kenwood TS-440S Service Manual

Kenwood TS-440S Service Manual 2

Kenwood TS-440 Bulb Replacement

Kenwood Connector Pin Outs


Larsen AD-2/70 Antenna Duplexer Manual


MFJ-557 Deluxe Morse Code / CW Practice Oscillator w/ Key

MFJ-1278b TNC Mic Connection

MFJ-1704 4 Position Switch

MFJ-945E Mobile Antenna Tuner

MFJ-259B HF / VHF SWR Analyzer

MFJ-962D Versa Tuner III

MFJ-250 VersaLoad


WR-100 Generic manual

WR-100 Manual - Updated

WR120-EZ Manual


Mirage B-34-G Amplifier


Pace P5453 SWR Bridge


P.C. Electronics
P.C. Electronics TVC12GS1m 1200Mhz Down converter


Other Stuff


Circuit Specialists
CSI345 MAS345 Multimeter


Cobra 148 GTL


200dx - Depth / Fish Finder


Oncore GT Plus GPS


Tom-Tom XL 340s Manual








Ham Help Files

Cool Reading Material

ARRL HANDBOOK - Antenna Project

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 3 - resistors) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 5 - coils, transformers) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 6 - switches, relays) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 10 - receivers) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 11 - transmitters) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 14 - TVI) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 15 - using diodes) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 18 FM Receivers) (1984)

ARRL - QST Magazine - Getting Into HAM Electronics (part 19 - first HAM station) (1984)


United States Marine Corps Field Antenna Handbook

Understanding Antennas For The Non-Technical Ham


Build Your Own Coils

The Radio Handbook Fifteenth Edition 1959

Frequency Allocation Chart


Army Theory Electron Tubes

Audio Power Amplifier Design


Electronic amplifiers

Electronics Illustrated 10 Basic Designs


Ham Bands Color 2-23-2007

US Grids Squares

Military Handbook - Grounding

Radio Laboratory Handbook 2004


Simplex Repeater Controller

The Suitcase Set

K8ZOA Quick Reference Prototyping Data


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