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Welcome to my home page

Dedicated to 50 Mhz EME


The 50 MHz EME Array 4x9DHN6 - 2.5WL Antenna - 18.75 dbd gain


50 Mhz EME Station

The current array: 4x9dhn6 - 2.5wl at 21 meter above ground

New main tower 21 meter high

Icom IC-7800 on 50 Mhz EME

Why Moonbounce on 50 MHz?  (Italian article version here)

What you need to make EME activity on six meter

 When is it better to try?

The previous array: 4x8 elements LFA 2WL

The old array 4x7jxx6

  Elevation system of the 4x7jxx6 antenna array

The first array for EME: 4x6jxx6

Some pictures of EME qso and audio files

  JT65 improves on JT44 performance to about 3db

  Advantages using a second computer and tips to discriminate EME and IONO signals

  List of stations currently capable to perform EME activity on 50 Mhz

144 Mhz EME Station (currently not in use)

4x12 elements system ready

Elevation system

If you have at least a good 5 element antenna and you want to try for an EME sked on 50 MHz, please send me an e-mail at iw5dhn at gmail dot com
73 and thanks,
Matteo IW5DHN

169 EME initials so far on 50 Mhz since 09/22/2002 - 53 DXCC - 143 squares

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