4x8 LFA 2WL array has been on air October 2011- March 2014



        Array made by 4 x 8 LFA2 antennas, boom lenght 11,70 meter

        Extimated gain on free space 16.6 dbd (18.75 dbi)

        Extimated gain with ground gain 21.75 dbd (23.90 dbi)

        Center of the double "H" placed at 17 meter above ground

        Horizontal spacing 7,50 meter

        Vertical spacing 6,20 meter

        First lobe on H-plane at about 4,6, second lobe at about 14 with 

5 db of degradation

        Secondary lobe on E-Plane at -18 db

        Average front to back ratio -30 db


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