4x9DHN6 2,5WL array on air since July 2014


        Array made by 4 x 9DHN6 antennas made by I0JXX, boom lenght 15 meter

        Extimated gain on free space 18.60 dbd (20.74 dbi)

        Extimated gain with ground gain 22.7 dbd (26.7 dbi)

        Center of the "H" at 21 meter above ground

        Horizontal spacing 9,80 meter

        Vertical spacing 9,40 meter

        First lobe on H-plane at about 3,6, second lobe at about 9 with 

5 db of degradation

        Secondary lobe on E-Plane at -15 db

        Average front to back ratio -25 db


The performace of the array are really good, echoes are audible transmitting on CW with only 200 watts and the SWR is very low and perfectly flat between 49.850 and 50.350. This great result has been obtained using a wide stacking distance between antennas both on horizontally and vertically (9,80 meter x 9,40 meter), as far as I know the wider which has been set up in the world for these class of yagi.

Array SWR graph

Array return loss graph

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