New main tower 21 meter high 

After few years of honored service (more than 65 new EME initials worked on 50 Mhz!) the 4x7jxx6 array and its substitute 4x8LFA2 array have been replaced on july 2014 with a more performing set up.

The new monster is strictly optimazed for EME traffic and it is made by 4x9 element home brew antennas built by Sandro I0JXX, 15 meter long boom yagi.

As you know, big antennas need big tower... so I decided some year ago to ask I6UNR Rocco Angelucci to project and build a strong tower.

And Rocco made a masterpiece! A tower 21 meter high, 90 centimeter side, self supporting my 4x9 element array even with winds blowing up to 70 km/h!



But the real advantage is the H to support the four antennas: both the horizontal and the vertical masts are telescopic and they permit to adjust the stacking distance from 7,5 meter up to 11 meter! 





Another great solution is the elevation system: it use an electric winch capable to elevate the antennas up to... 180 degress! So it will be possible to turn the antennas upside down, a great improvement when I have to do ordinary maintenance to upper antennas!

Here you can find some pictures regarding the setting up of the tower.