CQ  zone 20

ITU zone 39


OD5LN   Naim
OD5/I1HJT Alfeo
OD5/I1NVU Claudio

MIA # MLI 006

                                  QSL sample in four parts  by Alfio IT9EJW 

Ramkin Island position 34°30' N 035°46' E , it's a smallest island, with an area of 34.903 sqm is located north west of Palm Islands Nature Reserve, This are a group of three flat, rocky islands of eroded limestone pavement, 5 km north-west of Tripoli, north Lebanon. There is some maquis-type vegetation but the islands are anyway relatively bare except in spring when carpeted in wild flowers .The site would make an excellent observatory for monitoring visible migration of waterbirds along the coast (egrets, ducks, etc...) Being an off shore island, Ramkin has been used for military purposes in the past, there are some concrete platforms for two guns, erected early 1900. There is a lighthouse, supplied by solar panels. The area is declared as Marine Reserve, the islands are visited commonly by  picnickers,  tourists and hunters, the camping is not permitted and all visitors must leave the area before sunset.  




ARLS # LEB 001



We operate from Ramkin Island during the IOTA contest w.e. for about 30 hours with two station, one barefoot in the contest, to which we attended as M/S DX’spedition 100W and one  with amplifier, both with vertical antennas. A total of 2903 qso are in log, 61% on CW and 39% on SSB, including 1553 in the contest on which we scored more than 611,00 points. More than 120 kg of equipment was transported from Italy. Locally Naim OD5LN provides for the power generators and the necessary logistic stuff such as tent, desks, chairs etc.    
  After leaving the island we proceeded with our activity from Beirut city with one of the stations, mainly during the night, a further 949 qso are in log, most of them on CW. The propagation was in general very bad since a solar storm was in progress and the bands were often dead. The local noise made the 80m band not utilizable. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun and we thank all the friends who contacted us and all those who helped us in this DX’spedition.  














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