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Departure of team from Milano Malpensa Airport  July 23th  2004 

 Special bag for the transport of antennas and Dunestar filters Alfeo I1HJT, Claudio I1NVU e Tony IK1QBT arrives in Milano Malpensa  Team  wait for practical customs Tony IK1QBT ready for fly Beirut


Arrival at Beirut Airport, the following day , transfer and boarding in Tripoli harbour to Ramkin Island 


After 4 hours of flight arrival in Beirut Airport

h. 04.00 local time, We load  a van-car for Dx-ped h. 05.00 local time Al-Mina Tripoli  harbour Claudio e Naim wait the boat with DX-ped materials


Sailing and landing at Ramkin Island 


We are ready to sail with the boat

After75 min of navigationwe arrive to Ramkin Isl.

500 mt from Ramkin Isl.

The difficult landing place 


Setup Ramkin Island


Old building and on the top the Lighthouse We transport DX-ped materials on the roof of old building Provisions and water  Assembly Butternut HF6V antenna




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