October 2004
Monday 11th
After IOTA Committee , another good news from ARRL today, we report original e-mail:

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 4:02 PM


Subject: ARRL validation from OD5
Hi Alfeo:
All is OK for these operations for DXCC credit

Bill Moore NC1L
DXCC Manager


Friday 1st The QSL cards for the OD5RMK,  operation from Ramkin Island (AS - 108) have been printed and requests are being processed from Alfeo I1HJT right now. It's a colour double Qsl card by Alfio IT9EJW.
September 2004
Monday 13th Good news have given us today, we report e-mail: From: "Roger Balister, G3KMA" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 4:30 PM

Subject: Re: AS108

> Hello Alfeo
> Many thanks for all the information. From your report it seems you
> had an interesting operation! It is surprising how many operations
> Murphy joins uninvited!
> I'm sure the guys are grateful for all the contacts with AS-108.
> We will add your OD5RMK operation to the list of those that have
> provided satisfactory validation. QSLs will be accepted.

> 73 Roger
> Roger Balister, G3KMA
> RSGB IOTA Manager

Monday 9th Alfeo I1HJT sent all valid documentation to Bill Moore NC1L ARRL Manager for DXCC credit and to Roger Balister G3KMA - RSGB IOTA Manager  for validation our activities OD5RMK reference AS-108.

August 2004

Friday 27th We sent to Alfio IT9EJW  the layouts for QSL card to printer, it's a beautiful card in four parts, 
Tuesday 17th Guestbook are now on-line
Monday 16th We are preparing the QSL card, will be printed until at the end of  September and it will be ready to send out in in the beginning of October 2004. Be a bit patient, please.
Monday 9th Upload on Web-site, pictures of Ramkin Isl. during Iota contest and Dx- pedition.
Wednesday 4rd Log it's now on-line.
Monday 2nd Working  hard to prepare  a photos for our Web-site.
Sunday 1st Details of ours  DX-pedition


Time schedule 23th - 30th July 2004

Friday 23th Departure to Beirut from Milano Malpensa (arrival on the 17:30 approx)   departure to Tripoli e logging 
Saturday 24th Departure to the island and setup station, activity start
12:00Z contest IOTA starting time
Sunday 25th  12:00Z contest IOTA finish time 
Activity continue from island after Contest
Monday 26th Activity continue till Monday afternoon 
  Dismantling stations in early afternoon
Tuesday 27th  Activity from OD5  
Wednesday 28th Activity from OD5  
Thursdays 29th  Dismantling stations  
Free day and transfer to Beirut in the evening
Friday 30th  Departure to Italy (06:40 local time)


We intend to use two station, the first for the regular HF bands (10, 15, 20, 40, 80m) and during the contest, the latter for the multiplier search during the contest and for WARC bands outside the contest. Being active with 2 stations in the same time, a number of aspect related to the transport, logistic, interference problem must be taken in account.



We plan to install a multi band vertical ECO 7+ for the bands between 10 to 40m including WARC and one  Butternut HF6V for 10 to 80m, without WARC to be transported from Italy. Dipoles can be hung from the tower on the island for 40 and 80m bands. The baluns to be procured in Italy, the wire might be procured locally. Coaxial cable (RG213) to be procured locally, in order to reduce the weight of the equipment transported from Italy.  

Radio Three transceiver will come from Italy, all of them equipped with narrow filters for CW  :

KENWOOD TS440 - (including power supplies )

 KENWOOD TS450 - (including power supplies )

 ICOM 735 (including power supplies )


Linear Amplifier AMERITRON AL811 - 600 watt 

YAESU FL2100Z - 600 watt



 2 Sets of Dunestar TX filters ( tks I2YSB)  Operation with two radio closet each other can cause serious interference problem. To overcome this problem is necessary to use band filters which are very expensive. Some test will be made in Italy in order to verify how big is the interference problem and if necessary, we will try to borrow them from Italy.

Laptops  n.3 for logging QSO by CT software (tks K1EA) 
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