We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our DXpedition sponsors listed below!





QSL Cards designer and printer of good quality by Alfio IT9EJW for Hams. CT Logging Software by K1EA. leader in contest and Dx-ped logging software since 1985. Officina Meccanica Pietro Begali I2RTF keys and paddles for the Hams.

D.A.E. Italian Company  Telecomunication  - Via Monte Rainero, 23 ASTI
Tel 0141.590484 Fax 0141.430161 -  [email protected]


Frazione Serravalle, 190
Tel / Fax +39 0141.294174
14020 SERRAVALLE D'ASTI  ( Asti )   







IREF is an organization created to provide support to IOTA expeditions.



The Italian weekly bulletin for serious DXers since 1995.



The Club is inspired to the figure of the great scientist Guglielmo Marconi  that to ideally gather the OM of the whole world that have a preference for CW.






International Amateur Radio Union

Radio Amateurs of Lebanon .

Associazione Radioamatori Italiani





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