Alfeo I1HJT



Name: Alfeo Caputo
Call: I1HJT Age:56                                                   Profession: Technical and developing manager in a engineering company
Preferences:  CW, Contesting, DXpeditions
Other hobbies: I try to share the job with the radio. I am out of my home most of the time, I get my R.R. concentrated during the contest using II1H call sign, SSb ans CW . I like antenna and equipment homebrew
Other calls: II1H - KG6STL - OD5/I1HJT - IU1HQ in IARU 2004 
Former DXpeditions: Member of the 5U Italian DX-pedition on Feb 2002 , from Lebanon several time as OD5/I1HJT, guest operator I1HJT/OD5NJ, OD5RMK.




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