HA9MCQ Amateur Radio

About me

My latest home brewing activity results:

Transceiver constructions:
Single band HF CW transceiver
Tribander HF CW transceiver
Airband AM transceiver
SDR HF SSB/CW transceiver with dsPIC

Scalar network analyser
USB wobbler
Power meter 3.5GHz / 30dBM
3 GHz frequency meter
LC meter

Magnetic loop antenna for 7-14 MHz
Magnetic loop antenna for 18-28 MHz
Automatic MLA controller for FT817
50 Watt HF linear Power Amplifier
Parrot repeater (voice repeater)
1000..2000 MHz local oscillator
PicIgate - APRS internet gateway with PIC24 MCU
Battery charger
1296MHz to 144MHz downconverter
DDS/PLL Synthesizer for 144MHz SSB/CW transceiver
35 MHz RC airplane remote controller - 1 watt, dds controlled
Guppy R/C sailplane model
QRP LC tuner for long wire portable antenna
Altitude meter and logger for airplane models
Altimeter and steepness meter for my bycicle
My recumbent bycicle and trips

My some work projects:
Supervisor circuit for E1-ISDN multiplexer (hardware and SW)- Hungarian Telecom
Controlled calibration method and supervised tuning for mobile phone production (SW)- Nokia
Remote controlled and managed solution for mobile phone production testers (SW)- Nokia
ISDN debug tester for ISDN exchange line card (hardware and SW) - SCI
48 channel POTS line bulk call generator and analyser (hardware and SW)- SCI
GSM 900 MHz Power Amplifier tester (hardware and SW)- SCI
Power Supply tester (hardware and SW)- SCI
VSWR tester for WCDMA filter unit (hardware and SW) -SCI
WCDMA filter tuning station (hardware and SW) -SCI