PicIgate - APRS internet RX gateway with PIC24FJ64 microcontroller

The PicIgate started as a self-study project to learn deeper the TCP/IP protocoll. The basis of the software is the Microchip Tcp/Ip stack C library.
Hardware details and functions:
PIC24FJ64GA004 16 bit microcontroller - handling ethernet and internet, aprs filtering, telemetry, beacon,LCD display,telnet and webserver
PIC16F88 - Packet radio tnc. Connected to PIC24 via serial link. AX25 - ASCII packet translator. 

TCM3105 - 1200/2200 Hz FSK modem
ENC28J60 - Ethernet to SPI interface chip

PicIgate is a cheap solution if you don't want to use a computer for aprs gateway.
You need provide only 1 Watt for operation. (solar cell or accu)

First prototype