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Bob Dixon



In the 1970's the UK Coast Radio Stations were re-equipped to meet the requirements of the introduction of SSB radiotelephony in the maritime world. Oban's first SSB transmitter, a 1kW Marconi H1000 transmitter with multi-frequency drive unit and broadband amplifier, was installed alongside the old AM/CW transmitters. Later the old AM/CW transmitters were replaced with Ajax 1Kw single frequency SSB transmitters with the H1000 moving into a back-up roll. GNE had five Ajax transmitters, one for each of it's main frequencies - 2182 (distress and calling), 1792 (answering UK ships), 2740 (broadcasting and main working), 1848 (second working - shared with North Foreland) and 1612kHz (trawler-band WT).

The operating consols were also replaced with the introduction of Eddystone EC958 receivers and updated transmitter control equipment. Even the colour scheme changed, out went the old GPO grey and in came cream, a colour considered more pleasant to the working environment!

The author is caught on camera checking out GNE's number 2 consol.
Here the 2381kHz watch and the W/T skeds were kept.

On the left are the transmitter control panels.
In the middle, at the top is the SSFC selective calling control panel, below is the Eddystone EC10 receiver used for the AM 2381 watch and at the foot the Eddystone EC958 receiver.
To the right, at the top are the controls for the Skye and Lewis remote vhf stations, below is the selection panel for the phonepatch lines and below that again the dialing keypad and keys to reset the automatic alarm receiver.
Bob Dixon, Station Manager, checking out GNE's 2nd consol which functioned as the WT, 2nd RT and 2821 watch position