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GB0GNE - Oban Radio/GNE

Oban Radio was located at North Connel, Argyll. Some historical information on this station can be found by clicking here.

GNE had closed some years prior to this special event and the site of the operations building, although originally sold as non-building landing, is now occupied by several luxury houses. So permission was obtained for GB0GNE to be located in the field which used to house the stations transmit antenna farm - with the extensive ground plane system still in place!!

Working with facilites provided by the local radio club (Lorn Radio Amateurs), local Raynet groups and local Amateurs, the station was housed in a caravan with two generators available to provide power. With a power amp and a number of antennas available, the station delivered a hefty signal resulting in substantial "pile-ups".

Although a good number of the local amateurs took part in the station in various ways, and their efforts were greatly appreciated, it was surprising how shy people can be when offered the chance to operate in such conditions! A substantial part of the "on-air" operations therefore fell to Graham Henderson/GM3RTJ, to whom must go a huge "thank you" for organising the station, and to Bob Dixon/GM3ZDH.

Primarily using SSB during the day, the station switch to CW through the night when Bob Dixon/GM3ZDH and John Mackay/MM0BMV, both of whom are past Station Managers at the real GNE, held the fort.

It was enjoyable to meet up once again with Elsie Kennedy, wife of the late Sam Kennedy who had been one of the original Radio Officers at GNE. Elsie had heard that "something" was happening at the old radio station site and came over specially to say hello.

As is inevitable, on Sunday the rain came on. By the time we packed up the ground was somewhat squelchy and very interesting when we hitched the mast and the caravan to the back of their respective vehicles. It's not a good idea to be pushing such a vehicle when the wheels begin to spin - to say a bath was needed is an understatement!!! But an amateur radio weekend just wouldn't seem right without such endings!!!

A very successful and tremendously enjoyable weekend - a wonderful tribute to the smallest, but arguably the friendliest, of the UK Coast Radio Stations.

contact information:-
Bob Dixon:- [email protected]
01355 266775
Graham Henderson [email protected]
[email protected]

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