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This list is exclusively for those who served in the former GPO/PO/BT Coast Radio Service

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WTS Old Men
Sparks Ashore


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With the demise of the United Kingdom's professional Coast Radio Station service, this site becomes dedicated to the memory of the service.   It is put together by someone who was a manager in the UK service and one of that country's maritime Radio Surveyors.   It consists of information and links from many sources, it's still being added to  - and there's room for much much more.   If you'd like to provide additional information for the site, or a link to a site you have created or identified, please e-mail your information.

Closedown of the UK Coast Radio Station Service  
Morse Code ceases for distress & safety   
500kHz closes at UK Coast Radio Stations  
Hebridean Emergency WT Communications  
History of the UK's Coast Radio Station Service  
Long Range Communications  
vhf radio  
Anglesey Radio/GLV  
Bolt Head Radio  
Crookhaven Radio  
Cullercoats Radio/GCC  
Grimsby Radio  
Hebrides Radio/GHD  
Humber Radio/GKZ  
Ilfracombe radio/GIL 
Landsend Radio/GLD 
Lewis Radio  
Malinhead Radio/GMH  
Niton Radio/GNI  
Northforeland Radio/GNF  
Oban Radio/GNE  
Portishead Radio/GKA  
Portpatrick Radio/GPK  
Stonehaven Radio/GND  
VHF Radio Stations  
Wick Radio/GKR