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Updated: 17 January 2006  17.22Z  

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This Site is dedicated mainly to the theme of

  Amateur  Radio 

This is a major rewrite and I have updated the site considerably and I hope that you consider it worth the visit.

I was told that I should have my photo on the home page, so here it is.



To those  who wrote, thank you all very much for your feedback.  I  found your comments very helpful.  My interest in those exceptional radios made by Art Collins has grown, and I have devoted a section to them.  If you have any good photographs, especially of Collins S-Line gear not illustrated here, I am willing to include them.

Throughout this site I have included numerous "thumbnail pictures".  These are the small images surrounded by a thin blue frame.  Click on any of these to download a large detailed picture.  This saves time, and I only mention it as someone commented that that some of the images were too small!

 No apologies for the music, some like it and some do not.  If not, there is always the mute button! 

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