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On February 16 2000 I  had been G3GIQ for 50 years.  To convince myself that this was true, I have assembled a series of photographs to prove it!  The two links below illustrate my shacks and antennas over this period.   But..........

before I go any further, I must include a picture of my friend and mentor George G4KG, who sadly passed away many years ago.  I was already a keen SWL when I walked into his shack in August 1948.  Prior to that, I thought that all ham bands took up an eighth of an inch of receiver dials!  His treasured  AR88 was a revelation, it seemed to me that one could spin the knob for ages - and still be on the 10- metre band.  That band was full of W's, I'd never heard so many.  I went home full of resolve to get my ticket as soon as possible.

We worked a VE whilst I was there, VE7EB  Jack Betts.  I joined the RAF shortly afterwards, and one day when the mail was being distributed a letter arrived for me with unfamiliar handwriting.  It was from G4KG's XYL Dorothy and contained a QSL written out to me from Jack.  I walked on air for the rest of the day.  A great regret for me was that when he visited England for the first time some forty years later, I was not able to meet him.

Now a bit about my ham activities.  For years I aspired to DXCC Honor Roll and eventually worked them all.  That was before P5 came on the scene, as soon as N. Korea became an entity, I dropped down a place.  Eventually, however I worked P5/4L4LN and could again sleep at nights.  I am also an IOTA addict and recently reached 1000 island groups worked - that took nearly 20 years, and I often reflect that if I had occupied myself doing something else over that period, I could perhaps, have become a good golfer - or even a master criminal!

As you can imagine, I have many memories of all the things I have done with this great hobby during over 50 years.  I am certainly not going to list them, but one item that gives me great pleasure is that I received a QSL for my QSO with FI8RO  34 years later - I am wondering if that is some sort of record.  

Now - if you are still awake and would like to see some pictures of my activities over this time, then click below.

G3GIQ - The Shacks             G3GIQ - The Antennas