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Updated: 10 May 2004 -- 30S-1 page added

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 DL-1, CP-1 and 302C-3

The DL-1 dummy load


 The DL-1 dummy load is a small resistive load capable of dissipating 100W.


The CP-1 crystal pack


The CP-1 crystal pack is interesting for several reasons.  It was necessary to enable any S-Line transmitter, receiver or transceiver to cover the full frequency range.  When supplied it usually contained all the crystals necessary for the range 3.4 - 30 MHz, less those already in the receiver or transceiver covering the ham bands.   An extraction tool was also supplied, and  nowadays is often missing from the pack. The crystals are VERY tight in their pockets and any attempt to remove them with a metal tool, will result in bad scratches.


The 302C-3 Wattmeter




The 302C-3 wattmeter is a smart looking addition for any S-Line station which does not have a 312B-4/5 installed.  It utilises a remote directional coupler with forward/reverse ranges of 200 and 2000 watts.  Having assumed it had the same meter as the 312B-4/5, I was surprised to find that it is more substantial than I had anticipated, as the meter is considerably larger than the others.