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Updated: 10 May 2004 -- 30S-1 page added

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The 30L-1 , which arrived on the scene in 1961 is as attractive  today as it was then, as a legal limit (UK) power amplifier.  An easy 500 watts PEP is available on all bands - including the WARC bands - and it remains superior to many of the amplifiers which came on to the market later.  Amongst it's advantages are quiet operation, and the very low cost of replacing the 811A output tubes.  Needless to say, the Collins build quality is superior to any of it's later competitors.


It boasts phase comparator tuning, ALC and immediate availability at switch on - have you ever waited for one of those fancy modern ceramic tubes to heat up during a pile up - and missed the DX?  I know of no other 40 year old piece of electronic equipment that remains today as effective and competitive at it's job as it was on the day that it was made!  If you want to run 400 watts, get one - but hurry!!

  A peek "under the bonnet.  A nice touch is the 30L-1 logo which appears to have been spot welded on to the top of the PA compartment cage.  You can just see the top two of the four horizontally mounted final tubes.   I rather like the unique 30L-1 emblem on the front panel too.

When I can gather the strength, I shall heave the amp off the shelf and add some pictures of it's internals.