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Ham Radio Links

The Maumee Valley Contest Club - W8OH / WO8HIO

The Northwest Ohio Morse Preservation Society - W8BN

The Ohio Single Sideband Net

ARRL Ohio Section Pages (at InterCity ARC Webpage)

Fine dining with W8RF(WW8MM) and W9BS

SoundCard Modes & Ham Internet
Digital SSTV by PY4ZBZ
KB4YZ Digital SSTV
SideSaddle Picture Sharing Software
Sound Card Packet
NB6Z's "About Digital Ham Radio" (Includes audio samples!)
W0TUP SSTV Home Page
KB1HJ Ham Radio Links
KC1CS Home Page
World Wide Live SSTV Cams
MMSSTV/MM Hamsoft - New Download Site for JE3HHT Software
HamDream (digital voice and data)
WinDRM - HF Digital Radio Mondiale (Audio and Fast Data over HF SSB )
Your Remote S-Meter - Salt Lake City, UT.
DXTuners - WorldWide
AD4DN - Wilmington, N.C.
N3FI - Hughesville, MD.
W7DXX - Internet Remote Base (IRB) - Boston, MA.
W4MQ - Internet Remote Base (IRB) - Reston, VA.
C.W. Related
The International Morse Preservation Society(Fists)
PA3BWK Ultimate Morse Code Web Site
K8RA Iambic Paddle
K1EL (home of the K10 keyer)
BullDog Key and W9XT Keyer
Kent Paddle at D & L
Milestone Technologies
Vibroplex catalog at VIS
The Sparks Telegraph Key Review
Jackson Harbor Press kits
TiCK Keyer
RUFZ cw practice software
American Morse Equipment
W1AW code practice on line
Coherent CW information
How to adjust a BUG
WB8DQT's CW software page
SV1EDY's Morse Keys Collection
R.F. Amplification Related
PROMETHEUS AMPLIFIER (2.4 KW solid-state) by Dishtronix
AG6K's HF amplifier notes
RF Electronics KW amp kits
Radiodan.com - Bird, Henry, more
Svetlana tubes
Command Technologies power amplifiers
QRO Technologies power amplifiers
Ameritron power amplifiers
RF Parts...tubes, transistors and other RF stuff
Eimac Power Grid Tube Product Catalog
N4UQ's Alpha amplifier mods
Amplifier Photos
Omega Electronics (amplifier sales and service)
High Energy Corp. capacitors
ACOM amplifiers
Peter W. Dahl Co.
KW Tubes
Amplifier info at I5UXJ
Amplifier info at DL1IAO
WA8WZG's Tubes and vacuum variables
Tom's Tubes (Svetlana stuff)
ND2X's QRO page
HL1INF Amplifier schematics
Homebrew, Kits, and Parts
Kanga US
Elecraft: home of the K2 Qrp rig
Harry's homebrew page
Q Kits
FAR Circuits Catalog
Dan's Small Parts Catalog
7N3WVM's Home Page for Homebrewers
Tanner-White receiver kit
Fair Radio Sales
N1HFX's  electronics projects
JF1OZL's projects
K7QO's page
Emtech QRP rigs
Small Wonder Labs
Almost All Digital Electronics
Richardson Electronics
Down East Microwave
G3PTO's page
Electronic Goldmine catalog
EE Design Center (QuestLink parts search)
Science Workshop
WA3REY's Page (QRP & Heath mods)
DC Electronics
Communication Concepts
Mendelson Electronics
Circuit Specialists
Newark Electronics
Debco Electronics
Electronic component catalogs
Ocean State Electronics
Consolidated Electronics
Small Parts INC.
QRP homebuilder home page
Homebrew QRP is good 4U
Oren Elliott Products (variable capacitors)
No-Tune SSB/CW Transceiver for 1296, 2304 and 5760MHz
Crystal Set links
"Stay Tuned" Crystal Radio's
Mouser Electronics
Baggy Bob's electronic parts
Skycraft Parts and Surplus
Radio Daze (vintage parts)
Antenna Length Calculator
Barker & Williamson
Rainbow Antenna Analyzer
Fractal antenna
Max-Gain Systems
Texas Bugcatcher antennas
Verne's Superantennas
Radioworks (antenna wire and baluns)
Array Solutions (antenna &  contest stuff)
W4RNL (lots of good antenna info)
Small Amateur Antennas at W0KPH
Comtek Systems (accessories for phasing vertical antennas)
The RF Connection (cables and connectors)
The Wire Man
Homebrew Projects (by HB9ABX)
Electron Tubes for Industry
Electron Tube Database 1958-1961
Vacuum Tubes Inc.
Frank's Electron tube database
Penta Laboratories tubes
SND Tube Sales
Radio Electric Supply tubes
Online tube data
Electron Tube Enterprises
Radio Tube Supply
D & C Electronics (tubes)
Electron Supply Replacement Center TUBES
Tube World
Brent Jesse Tubes
TUBES...Still vital after all these years
The Tube Store
Webtubes  (tubes and tube stuff)
General Radio
AC6V's Master Index
I1WQR LinkRadio
Official FCC Amateur Radio site
QTH.COM Classifieds
 E-Ham Classifieds
Ham radio stuff on EBAY
VK2TIP's Electronics Tutorials Site
KB9UPS Amateur Radio Satellite Page
Nostalgic Kit Central
AA9PW's Ham Radio practice exams
Canadian ham exam questions
The Unofficial Ten Tec page
British Amateur Radio Links
DXer dot com
Heil Sound (K9EID)
KD4CPL's Boatanchor FAQ
Google Ham Radio Newsgroups
Halted Specialties Co.
Bytemark (Amidon stuff, books and PC Jr. (a digital VFO)
300 and 500 watt Class E amplifiers
Grid square calculator
Power Sonic Batteries
Drake List page
Tool Town
Lindsay's Technical Books
Wassco Soldering Tools
Amateur Radio Education
International Radio crystal filters
Amplifier reflector archives
Ten Tec reflector archives
Yaesu reflector archives
Ham band allocation chart
Nostalgia Air (old radio info)
Six meters (and up) stuff
Heil Sound microphones and headsets
G3SEK's Technical Reference Page
Sherwood Engineering
Lindsay Publications
Amateur Radio Receivers
Bafoofnik's search engine
Radio Era Archives
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
Antique Electronics
Rod's Classic and Antique Radios
List of QST product reviews
Mr. Solar
Sunlight Energy Systems
The 136 KHz page
KIMJs Heathkit Collector Site
WB8RCR's QSL Maker program
QslKit QSL making supplies
Boat Anchor Classifieds
Davis RF (Cables)
G4FGQ's software
The Yaesu FT-101 page
A.G. Tannenbaum vintage parts
EA2BAJ's PSK31 page
WM2U's PSK31 site
K4XL's boatanchor manual archive (use Sweetbriar FTP site if link is broken)
XE1BEF's Links
NTE searchable substitution index
N5BU's boatanchor pages
Surplus Stuff
SSB by the "fourth method"
Caig Laboratories
CB and Ham radio modifications
Radio photos
RIGPIX Database
MCM Electronics
Virtual Collins Radio Museum
R.L. Drake Virtual Museum
Radio mods
The AM Press Exchange
G3YXM's page
Timewave amateur products
Manuals from the "Manual Man"
Leeds Electronics
12 month contest calendar
Radioware and Radio Books Store
QRP-F  A Forum For QRPers
Sources for manuals
ON Semiconductors
Drake repair
K1DWU's links
FCC Part 97 (Amateur Radio) Rules
K6XX's writings
Icom 746 and 756  6 kHz filter soulution
Thomas Distruibuting (Batteries)
N1EU's page (some contest stuff)
The ICOM C-IV interface
Resonant Speakers
Xantrex Engineering (solar power stuff)
The Willco Electronics no-fail memory board for ICOM rigs
SG Club Intermational
Virginia QRP Society
Online Map Creation using AZ_PROJ v1.1.5
Frontier Engineering
Power-Sonic batteries
QRPdupe contesting software
N6EV's glowbug page
U of Idaho Glowbug page
Active Beacon Wizard software
K3KY's DX toolbar
N9SSA Distance and MPW Calculator
WB4HFN's Drake page
VA3CR's FT-1000MP page
K5DKZ's page
VE3SOU's 756 PRO page
Some Radio Schematics (Russian site)
BUXCommCo Antennas, Accessories, and Components
Champion Radio Products
Retrocom CB museum
Herbach and Rademan
KD1JV's page
Product Reviews at ARRL
Data Sheet Locator
Ten Tec Argonaut V transceiver
Ten Tec Orion transceiver
Crusty Old Joe's Book Collection
Huff & Puff Oscillator Stabilisers
Class E AM transmitter info
Electric Radio Forum
EA8ZQ's manuals and schematics (various rigs)
Commander radio control software
Technical articles available on-line at ARRL
The Ingenious Circuits of Sir Douglas Hall
K2CD's Ham Radio Links
AMRAD Low Frequency page
Callsign servers
F.C.C. Universal Licensing System
World Wide HamCall
U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page(U.ofA.,Little Rock)
ARRL's FCC license search
N4MC's Vanity Callsign Headquarters
IK3QAR.it - QSL Manager Search Engine
The Canadian Amateur Radio Callsign Database
Commomwealth of Independent States Callsign Server
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