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                     Welcome to the Virginia QRP Society's feeble attempt at electronic publishing.  Some of us have
                  grown tired of paying for various QRP newsletters and quarterly publications and believe that there
                  are enough available resources in the ranks of our QRP brotherhood to provide a web site, updated
                  monthly,  where readers can enjoy an assortment of articles written by fellow QRP enthusiasts. In
                  addition to monthly articles, we will strive to provide our readers with links to QRP/Amateur radio
                  websites  that   are updated  frequently, not just sitting there "dead".  Isn't it frustrating to link to a
                  site that hasn't been updated in six  months or more?

                       Below are the links to the articles submitted by VQS members since the beginning of this year
                   and links to the three monthly columns submitted by members of the Virginia QRP Society. W4IM
                   and AE4CU will be submitting an article each month on the subject of his choice. We are presently
                   awaiting a Ft Tuthill report from W4IM and another antenna article from AE4CU.   I will maintain
                   the "Doug Drudge" report which is an unbiased, candid monthly report on the information
                   contained on the various QRP web sites in cyberspace.

                        There are not many articles yet,  but we hope that will change soon. None of these articles were
                  written by well known QRP gurus,  just regular guys  like you.  VQS is now aggressively recruiting new
                  articles to be submitted to this site. We hope to provide a site where you can surf  through an archive
                  of QRP related articles on subjects such as Rig/Kit reviews,  antenna construction techniques, field
                  day  and QRPttf articles and many other subjects.  While I have your ear,  I'll take this opportunity to
                  solicit any article you would like to submit whether you are a member or not.  Just e-mail  it to VQS
                  and it will be published here, no editing, no questions asked.....Hey,  we're   not the best,  but what
                  the heck,  it's not only free,  but updated at least monthly...

                       Please visit us again soon, maybe by next month, we  will have some  new reading for you.   73/72 

                                                                                 August 2000:

                                           * "QRP See Double You" A poem by KA0TPZ (8/7/00)

                                           * "Catching Code" A peom by  KA0TPZ (8/7/00)

                                           * Using a Reflector element with a Dipole by W4IDW (8/400)

                                           * My G5rv by AE4CU of Chespeake, VA  (8/4/00)

                                            * Coming soon: Ft. Tuthill Report from W4IM
                                            * Coming later this month:VQS QRP Field Day (3A) Report

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                                            "Drudge" Report -  August        AE4CU's Contest Corner     


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                           On-Line Amateur Radio Publications and Propagation/Contesting links updated frequently.

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