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SG Club International
is an independent organization focused on the use of SGC equipment in Amateur Radio. It is not a part of any club or company.

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 SGCI on-the-air at 1730z on Saturdays UTC
1730z  Web Chat
1730z  SSB
21.437 MHz USB
1800z SSB
18.157 MHz USB
*Requires Java enabled browser such as Internet Explorer >3.0 ; Netscape >3.0 or higher
 Web Chat runs simultaneously with on-the-air net.
The latest SGC email list is called SGC-SMARTUNERS
All of these email groups are independent entities not sponsored by the SGC company.
Worldwide forum discussion of all SGC equipment; professionals and users.
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For the best up-to-date discussions of all types of SGC equipment: Commercial, Marine, Aeronautical, Amateur, and Others. Coverage includes transceivers, antennas, antenna couplers, battery packs, amplifiers, control/ remote heads, and accessories.  Encourages technical discussions of applications for the HF professional. A mutual resource for bugs / fixes / mods. Subscribing is free, and open to all interested participants.
The SG Club members-only email group for ham radio operators.
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Focused on amateur radio, it covers a wide variety of enthusiastic discussion about SGC equipment, portable & mobile SSB/CW/PSK operation, nets, battery power. 
sgci also serves as a peer-review for new modifications, additions to the SGCI website, and membership for the club. 
Many new  bugs/fixes and problems are discussed and solved through the sgci group. This is the largest sgc users group in the world.
Email group for SGC's very popular line of automatic antenna couplers.
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Specifically oriented around discussion and information for amateur radio operators using  SGC Smartuners and QMS systems.  Troubleshooting questions, configuration suggestions, installation 
 tips, solving grounding problems, and anything else with regard to SGC's unique line of antenna couplers. 
About the new list servers.
All of the SG list servers are running on "yahoogroups".  This state-of-the-art web portal is used with each subscriber's password protected access for a variety of features, including archives available only to subscribers, and web chat. You can change your features at any time, and chose between direct email, digest, or web-only reading modes. 

New Additions to the SGCI Website
Some new sections on the site include pages for links 
to the various member and radio gear websites
and a "helpful hints and problem solving" page. 


An archive of 
for SG equipment compiled from 
SGC users. 
Descriptive photos 
and step-by-step 
details. SG-2020 
frequency mod, 
Heil mic mod. 
  Gordon West Reviews SG-2020CLICK: Gordon West SG-2020 Review
Amateur Radio Trader magazine March 2000
CLICK: SG-2020 Review

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 SGC is offering free vinyl banners for SGCI club members

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