Cp St Barbara Korea Now

These were taken Sept 2008
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This is just to the right of where the MP shack was

The MP shack was here

The area just north of the air field

These were taken late 2008

The white building is ROKA Dependents Housing
That is about where the 2/76 Alert Gate was located
The Camp Entrance is to the Left

The Bridge viewed from the east end
The Camp is to the Right

This is the Vill as seen from the Bridge

These are Pictures taken on the old Camp St Barbara Area

The old camp still has a airfield (G228) that is used, but mainly as a staging area for the choppers that are under going training at Rodriguez Range, and other training areas nearby. If you have any more information, or recent pictures of the airfield or surrounding area, please email to me.

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The Air Field in 2004

Taken July 2008 during a month long training exercise

The Area View from Space with Google Earth
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Camp St Barbara Pictures

Pictures North of the 38th

The Law, North of the 38th Pictures

Camp St Barbara in the 1950s

Camp St Barbara in the 1960s

=> Pictures of Camp St Barbara Area 2006 <=

The Ville

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Saint Barbara

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Stanley

I Corp Artillery Prior to moving to Camp St Barbara

The History of Camp St Barbara Korea

I Corps History

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