Tuam Dong, also known as Baekui-ri,
(Peggy Lee to the GIs) Outside of
Camp St Barbara Korea

The above pictures provided by Rick Goodall.
They were taken during his tour in 1969-70.

The Village, 1962
Provided by Bob Reichard, NCOIC PMO 1962

This is the same area taken in 1970

The Village in 2006

Distant picture of the Village

Street in the village in 2006

The Village School

Another of the school

Apartments Behind the School

This is a ROKA bus crossing the old bridge on 37 next to
where the Camp St Barbara gate entrance was located

This is on the river bank in the village, looking south to the
new highway 37 bridge. That is a Tourist Motel on the right

This is under the old 37, looking south and the motel to the right

Looking towards the new bridge from the old bridge area

The stream that goes through the village, and into the Hantan

Same stream west of the village

Rafters on the river

Up the river farther

More Pictures of the Village

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Camp St Barbara Pictures

Pictures North of the 38th

The Law, North of the 38th Pictures

Camp St Barbara in the 1950s

Camp St Barbara in the 1960s

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The Ville

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Saint Barbara

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Stanley

I Corp Artillery Prior to moving to Camp St Barbara

The History of Camp St Barbara Korea

I Corps History

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