I Corps Artillery
Camp St Barbara Korea 1960 - 1961

Below Pictures Provided by Robert Fleckinger, who was assigned to
Hq I Corp Artillery at Camp St Barbara in 1960 - 1961.
He worked as a dispatcher in the motor pool .

The Camp St Barbara Entrance Area in 1960

The Village

The Rose and Play Boy, 1960

Robert Fleckinger, Leighton Longley, Benjamin Giaquinto

Sacred Heart Chapel

Camp St Barbara is to the right
The village is down the hill, behind the cliff.

The same area in 2006

Some Off Time up on Hanging Rock

The Chinese Tunnel

North Korean Guard Building at Panmunjom

Conference Building in Panmunjom in 1960

Inside the Conference Building in Panmunjom

Seoul 1960

More pictures sent by Robert Fleckinger May 2010

Troop Ship Headed Home

Almost Ready To Off Load in The States

More from the 1960s

Camp St Barbara Pictures

Pictures North of the 38th

The Law, North of the 38th Pictures

Camp St Barbara in the 1950s

=> Pictures of Camp St Barbara Area 2006 <=

The Ville

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Saint Barbara

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Stanley

I Corp Artillery Prior to moving to Camp St Barbara

The History of Camp St Barbara Korea

I Corps History

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