I Corps Artillery
Camp St Barbara Korea 1954-1956

View of Cp St Barbara from the Hanging Rock on the mountain

Is this a Ammo storage area? 96th FA "155 howitzers" parked top left.

Sacred Heart Chapel

Electrical power being installed in 1955 at Camp St Barbara

Another view of Cp St Barbara in the mid 50s

Above pictures provided by Jim Deno, who was with the 17th FA Bn. in 1955-1956

B Battery 96th FA BN, 1954 at Cp St Barbara.

Compiled by CPL Bruce t. Brush based on a handwritten list of those
contributing to a gift for a rotating officer. The list may not include
all those serving in the unit at that time. These are last names only 
as it was customary to address each other at the time.

     Shewmake                 Patterson                                         
     Kilpatrack               Pollard                                           
     Huff                     Radcliff                                          
     Westover                 Ridner                                            
     Klien SFC                Merander                                          
     Treece                   Riley                                             
     Reece                    Sellers                                           
     Kruse James SFC          Jamison                                           
     Snavely CPL              Spranzer                                          
     Estes                    Smith H.                                          
     Bloom                    Elkins                                            
     Cousar LT                Spencer R                                         
     Alexander                Tollephson                                        
     Arnold                   Umland                                            
     Muir                     Wiedner                                           
     Colaza                   Warsley                                           
     Crawford                 Weldon                                            
     Defibaugh SGT            Wilson                                            
     De La Cruze              Brush                                             
     Denniger CPL             Smith R                                           
     Drushauch                Kosemond, Marvin ( passed away in civilian life)  
     Duch                     McMillan                                          
     Eitner                   Virgil                                            
     Falkner                  Hickerson                                         
     French                   Yozzie                                            
     Frey                     Henson                                            
     Germain                  Pence                                             
     Herr                     Register                                          
     Hendrick                 Auston                                            
     Hawley                   Solis                                             
     Hodges                   Wesley                                            
     Jeager                   Wadsworth                                         
     Jackson                  May                                               
     Deloach                  McInnes                                           
     Leadly                   Offenbiger                                        
     Lelekatch                Oliver                                            
     Light                    McDanial                                          
These were copied from handwritten tablet pages
and most likely have spelling errors. First names
and rank, etc added from memory.

More Early Years of Camp St Barbara

         - 1957 - (Part 1)         

         1957-1959 (Part 2)         

A Map of the DMZ frpm 1953

Camp St Barbara Pictures

Pictures North of the 38th

The Law, North of the 38th Pictures

Camp St Barbara in the 1950s

Camp St Barbara in the 1960s

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The Ville

NEW => Pictures of Camp St Barbara Sept 2008 <= NEW

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Saint Barbara

D Co 4th Maintenance Bn At Cp Stanley

I Corp Artillery Prior to moving to Camp St Barbara

The History of Camp St Barbara Korea

I Corps History

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