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Welcome to FTP 101!

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  1. These are the buttons that execute basic file operations.
    • ChgDir: [Change Directory] -- Push to go to another directory
    • MkDir: [Make Directory] -- Push to make a directory
    • View: [View File] -- Push to view the selected file's contents.
    • Rename: [Rename File] -- Push to rename the selected file.
    • Delete: [Delete File] -- Push to delete the selected file.
    • Refresh: [Refresh View] -- Push to refresh the directory list.
    • DirInfo: [Show Dir Info] -- Push to view current directory information.

  2. These buttons are for transfering files.
    • Push "<-" to download the selected file on the server to your computer.
    • Push "->" to upload the selected file on your computer to the server.

  3. This is where the program tells you what it is doing.


Uploading files consists of the basic file operations that are discussed above. Follow these instructions to upload a webpage to qsl.net:
  1. Connect to qsl.net.
  2. Change the local directory to the directory that contains the files to be uploaded.
    • Click ChgDir on the left side of the window.
    • Enter the path where the files to be uploaded are on your computer in the textbox.
    • The files to be uploaded will appear in the left section of the window.

  3. Select the files to transfer to the server in the left window, and click the "->" button.
  4. Watch the message box at the bottom of the window, if an error occurs, start over. Something may have been overlooked.

WS-FTP Problem Solving

  • If WS_FTP won't work properly, look for help in the help file included with WS_FTP. There are many helpful tips and tricks that can be found.
  • It is possible that your firewall is blocking outgoing FTP. Windows Firewall has been known to do this. More info HERE
  • Contact QSL.net Support. Please include specific information about the problem, such as: (1) Error Numbers, (2) Operating System, and (3) Operation tried. Messages are usually answered within 48 hours, but please be patient.

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