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Welcome to FTP 101!

Download Instructions

  • Download WS FTP Windows 3.1x Windows 95/NT

  • Parts of this tutorial are incorrect due to a newer version of WS_FTP. Follow the instructions on your screen... I hope to update this tutorial very soon. -- kb9lpj 19:55 06/08/1998
  • While downloading, browse through the following steps.

  • Installation Instructions

    1. Open the file "WSFTP.EXE".

    2. A dialog box appears on the screen asking if WS_FTP LE should be installed, click OK.

    3. Another dialog box appears:
      Screen Shot
      The screen will look like this one, be sure that the "When Done Unzipping Run: INSTALL.EXE" checkbox is checked! If it is not checked, check it.

      Click the Unzip button.

    4. After a few seconds a dialog box will pop up on the screen that looks like this:
      Screen Shot
      Click the OK button.

    5. Now the installation program launches, this window appears on the screen:
      Screen Shot
      Make sure that "Install WS_FTP" is selected.

      Click the Continue button.

      Accept the License aggreement.

    6. Accept the default directories for Program files and Transfer files.

    7. A window that looks like this appears on your screen:
      Screen Shot
      Make sure that the checkbox is checked for the proper version of WS_FTP that needs to be installed on your system. The installation program *should* pick the right one. However, be sure that it is the right one. If you aren't sure, click the help button.

    Proceed to Step 2.

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