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Welcome to FTP 101!

QSL.NET Quick Start FTP

This page is meant for those who:

  • Know what FTP is.
  • Know how to install programs.

The purpose of this page is to provide the required information about QSL.NET necessary to initiate an FTP connection. It does not provide information on how to install or configure WS_FTP.

Information on how to install or configure WS_FTP can be found here.
Information on FTP Commands can be found here.

Step 1: Download WS_FTP for Windows.

Step 2: Install WS_FTP

Step 3: Configure WS_FTP

Create a new profile.

Profile Name: "www.qsl.net"
Host Name/Address: "qsl.net" or "ftp.qsl.net"
Host Type: "Automatic detect"
User ID: YOUR USER ID (Your Call or Club Initials)
Password: YOUR PASSWORD (From qsl.net)

Check the Save Pwd Check box.

Step 4: Configure WS_FTP (cont.)
Click the "StartUp" Tab.

Leave Initial Remote Host Directory: blank!

Click Apply to save you changes.

Step 5: Connect to QSL.NET
Click OK to connect to QSL.NET.

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