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Welcome to FTP 101!

Using Program Manager or the Start Menu, find WS_FTP. Open the program and follow the steps below.

Screen Shot 1 -- 20 KB
Figure 1
  1. Click the "NEW" button.

Screen Shot 2 -- 20 KB
Figure 2

  1. Fill in the following fields like those below: (no quotes!)
    • Profile Name: "www.qsl.net"
    • Host Name/Address: "qsl.net"
    • Host Type: "Automatic detect"
    • User ID: YOUR USER ID (Your Call or Club Initials)
    • Password: YOUR PASSWORD

  2. Check the Save Pwd Check box.

  3. Click the Startup tab.

  • NOTE: If you have problems connecting to qsl.net or if you use AOL, try using Host Name/Address: "ftp.qsl.net"
Screen Shot 3 -- 20 KB
Figure 3

  1. Leave Initial Remote Host Directory: text box EMPTY!

  2. Click the Apply button to save changes.

  3. Connect to the Internet... Click the OK button to connect to qsl.net!
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