Gene, N7YW
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Gene Williamson (SK), N7YW, (nee K7DBV) is co-founder (with N7MCA/N7MQ) of Cinco Nueve Contest Group, and unanimously elected as its President for Life.   Gene passed away in 2006.   We continue the tradition he started.

Morse has been Gene's first love since he was licensed in March 1958 as KN7DBV, upgrading to General as K7DBV that September, to Extra in 1984 ("I finally couldn't stand being without that bottom 25kc on twenty!"), and to N7YW in Jul 2000. His other calls over the years have included XF3/K7DBV, AH6/K7DBV, and ZF2BV. He has also been privileged to multi-op at KO7N and ZF2RV.

The last three Februaries Gene has operated as K7DBV/HR3, HR6/K7DBV, and HR3/N7YW, primarily from La Ceiba, Honduras, each time as a volunteer radio operator with the International Health Service's annual medical project. His love for Honduras and its people led him to help establish La Musica Foundation, an IRS-approved public charity that collects used musical instruments to be given to the children of Honduras. If you have a moment, please visit and learn more.

Never one to re-invent a perfectly good wheel, Gene "borrowed" the motto ZUT! -- meaning CW Forever! -- from the US Coast Guard's retired Morse operators group. (TU OMs!) Should they ever demand its return, waiting in the wings as a replacement is Carpe DX!. "Awake at dawn ..." is modified from the writings of the inimitable Cass, WA6AUD, who some years ago released his WCDXB columns into the public domain.

"Awake at dawn,
DX 'til ten,
Sup at six,
Then DX again!"

And never forget...
Life is much too short to be taken seriously.

2000-2001, Gene A. Williamson